Why You Need to Start Blogging Today Before It is Too Late

Blogging is growing and growing every day, day by day millions of blogs and websites were created, even if not today; why do you really need to start a blog? If we put the amount of income coming in from blogging  into consideration it will be very transparent to see how much it profit to drop a corporate job for blogging or do it as part-time or has a  home-work. No matter when you started blogging, today or tomorrow believe me you’ll still have yourself blamed for started at the “wee small hours” when the blogging time is getting dark.

Darren Rowse started in 2002 and regretted he started late, Don Caprio started in 2009, and if you ask him he’ll surely say he would have achieve more if he'd started earlier. So if you really sure you want to start a blog and you’re still deliberating on when to start it, let me quickly explain why you need to start blogging today and make hay while the blogging sun is still shining.

let me quickly explain why you need to start blogging today and make hay while the blogging sun is still shining.

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Too many Tasks to get done before Success Knock

If you don’t know, let me tell you today that success is guarantee in blogging, but there are many tasks to get done before that success knocks, and the earlier you start ,the faster you get them done and the sooner you become successful, the old saying that “don’t leave what you can do today till tomorrow, do it today”

Many Niche and Keywords 

No matter how unique your niche and keyword is going to be, trust me there are lot of bloggers targeting that  niche and keyword, is it tech, blogging tips, entertainment, fashion, finance, business, lifestyle, name any niches and keywords that is not found on the internet, millions of tools are used daily to target and search for keyword.

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Alas, if you started blogging at eleventh-hours am sorry you might have to compete with many bloggers on the same niche and the same keywords and this is no easy battle to win. (it took time).

Blogging is now a Battle field.

Today people now take blogging as a profession and this profession has turned to war among bloggers, every blogger are striving so hard to achieve their aim in blogosphere – which is being successful and make money, are you going to tell me you’ll beat those who’ve started blogging ahead of you? Sure, I’ve seen many success stories of three months old blog with page rank 3, where a year old blogs never got to page rank 1 and that’s all, you aren't going to find a week old blog with 500 posts and above or with 200 backlinks, a month old blog with domain ranking of 60 or month old blog with alexa rank around 10,000. No way! The sooner you start the faster you set to war and by God you may triumph.

Domain Authority

Domain authority has great impact on your site ranking and it isn’t something you can achieve overnight, there are lots of process before you can get a good DA, amount of strong backlinks, domain age, traffic and etc are all you need to get before your site can have a good Domain authority, you may wonder why you see some old sites with irrelevant posts ranking high on Search engine it is nothing but due to their the Authority their domain has, and it is just because they started earlier.

Your Targeted URL

When I first started blogging I’d love to use a keyword targeted url for my site url, but when I search for the url, guess what it? has been used so I was forced to use my name as url but wait! Does anyone give a damn about my name, am still regretting that today, God knows what I will achieve if I get a good targeted url as my domain name. I wish I’ve started earlier to claim my targeted url before it fall to the hand of someone else, someone who’s more smarter than me by being started earlier, you wouldn’t want that, do you?

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Renunciation, am not saying it is too late for you to start blogging today, of course today might be late but it better you start blogging today because tomorrow might be too late. Am not talking about creating a website here, surely it never too late to create a website, or is it?  

If you get the motive of this post very well you’ll figure out that it pressure those who are aiming to take blogging as a profession and later brand it but holding back their action to take the giant step. Also, I believe you'll have a better reasons why blogging needed to start before its too late and am ready to hear them and rub reasons together, just use the comment box below.


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