Specifications, Features And Price of Tecno L3 in Nigeria

Specifications, Features And Price of Tecno

When it comes  to buying Smartphone in Nigeria, many buyers don’t really focus on Features and Specs, what they really focus on is Price, and this is what I think Tecno Mobile understand most. Recently am planning to buy new phone and am on budget under $100 (tight budget I may +). First, I want Android OS, Full Screen and Up to 4GB RAM, so am in Mayhem as which product to buy, I know I can’t go for Samsung – expensive for my budget, iPhone – too expensive and their iOS sucks, Nokia..No Android, but finally I make up my mind to buy Tecno L3…yeah you heard me Tecno L3, for just 14, 000 Naira, not even up to $100, you might be wondering why I chose to buy such phone but the following Specifications, features and price will definitely confuse you, you might even think of getting one yourself…(just saying)!

Tecno L3…yeah you heard me Tecno L3, for just 14, 000 Naira,

Operating System

The first thins that trigger me off in buying Tecno L3 is the Operating System, did you know that Tecno L3 runs on Android 4.1? Jellybean? Did I caught your eyes rolling? I did the same too – that means I will be enjoying what Samsung Galaxy Mini II, Galaxy SII are enjoying and this Samsung Galaxies cost twice as the Tecno L3!
CPU frequency : 1GHz


I need nothing else with the Network Connection. The Network is 3.75GB and Band of GSM900/DCS1800/WCDMA2100MHz and this is best use with Etisalat Network! I think the best reason they also make partnership with Etisalat Network. Am I missing out something (thinking) ok, Data! Its support 3G, Edge and GPRS.

Connectivity: The connectivity didn’t support GPS navigation and that doesn’t make me feel like am sitting on pins and needles since its support WiFi and WLAN, and sure Bluetooth, USB port and Earphone are all Yes, Yes and Yes!

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Battery Capacity is 2400mAh, and since I’ll be busy with laptop all day and will only use the phone mostly at night -  the battery capacity is within range, even if you want to use yours full time I don’t think the capacity is not up to the task. Talk time is around 9 hours and standby time very close to 250 hours.


RAM is 512MB, while the ROM is 4GB! seriously I'm baffled, and also have an expandable external memory up to 32 GB, will you tell me other smartphone having the same price and same memory size as this? Definitely No!

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The camera got me worried since I love taking pictures it only comes with 3.0MP Back and 0.3MP Front but hey! There is flash light and video recording enable but perhaps no video calling, Image output size is 2048 x 1536 and the picture format support JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMPa and that’s kinda great!.

Audio & Video

I don’t have any problem with the Tecno L3 Multimedia features, Since the Audio Player supports WAV, MP3, AAC, MIDI, and the video player support 3GP and MP4 and Picture format support..erm.. I think I’ve stated that above..lol.

Unique Features of Tecno L3

I know you’ll want to know what really make this Tecno L3 Special, very well I’ll point them out briefly, Tecno L3 got Standby Dual Sim, Full Screen Mode and Torch !

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Other Key Features for Tecno L3

Google Play  
Google Maps
Screen Touch Enable

If you’re also in my financial situation and you want to use the latest smartphone around with hot features and specifications, I think this Tecno L3 will best suite your taste, the price is okay for N14, 000 but remember that the price may vary depending on location and time. in case am missing out something or you find those up-listed specs and features not available on your Tecno L3 phone, feel free to drop your comments and I’ll reply as soon as I can.


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