6 Easy Steps to Write Great Blog Posts or Articles

There are many blog posts over the internet today, this is a no fault of the web as creating of website is very easy but writing a great blog post that will attract readers to come and re-visit your blog site require additional knowledge and skills, no one have to be a professor in English before he/she can write a good blog post, but knowing the steps makes it easier so one don’t spin his wheels. The following are the easy steps to take in writing a good blog post.

Kulhead blog full guide to write a great blog post

Choosing the Topic and Title

The first step in a post is of course to choose the topic to write about, unlike in schools where topics were assigned, in blogosphere you have the opportunity to choose any topics related to your niche and write interesting thing about it, selecting a topic is one of the hardest things in writing a post, sometimes many posts may comes on your mind and you are “all at sea” to write one, and sometimes you wouldn't find the right topic to write about, to overcome this you must know what your readers truly want, what they love reading on your blog, it is advisable to choose a topic that is not too trivial, not too big, not too personal or too controversial, if you dare to choose such topics you are likely to run into troubles, after choosing a topic then think of a catchy title that’s SEO-rich for your topic, you can use Google keywords idea to get hint on the title to choose for your topic.

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Gathering Information

After you've chosen a topic and already gave your topic a unique and catchy title next step is to gather information to expand your topic idea, be motivated to read when you need to gather information for teaching others or writing articles, this is necessary for you to make the best out of other who have written about similar post, hey! Not saying to duplicate their contents in anyway but there is no harm in learning from their write up to develop your own ideas, some of your points might need enlightenment, (you cant possibly know everything), easy way to haunt for information is to use search engines and forums.

Catchy Headline

The next step is to construct an enticing and attractive outline or headline even if hesitantly of what you are writing about, your headline must talk about everything the whole post is saying, I must tell you that your headline is the very first thing any reader of your post will first glanced through, if you get people to read your first 2-3 lines, there is a good chance they will read all your content, let your headline short, summarize what's inside the post body with much explanation that will tempt any reader to continue reading the post.

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Featured Image

 A very descriptive image does it all, if you've been writing posts with no image, you are really missing a lots, to mention few of what you are missing out, there is no way to pin your post, (am sure you know good traffic that comes from pinterest), sometimes funny image can attract uninterested reader, placing a clean and clear image that describe what's the post is all about after the headline or second paragraph or if you are writing a how to post, screen shot images will really make the post more understanding.

Body Content

This is where all the works fall in, this step contain all the content body, this is where you explained in detail what you want your readers to know you shouldn’t have much problem here if you know very well what you are writing about, you must make it simple and straightforward that even a 3 years old child will understand, avoid using of long words, be normal and witty, don’t be personal in your post or too serious.

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kulhead blog, full guide to a great blog post

This is the last step in writing a post, here again you can summarize the whole content or give out important points or reason of the post, you can asking your readers to share, comment their opinions and ideas on the post they’ve just read, and make sure before you publish, carefully proofread your post and check for errors and make necessary corrections, there is no gain in hurry to publish other than publishing content with many grammatical and typo errors.

Other tips to consider


Interlinking if very important in SEO strategy, it simply means referencing the link of your older posts in new one, why doing this? First it help readers to stay much on your blog, thereby reduce the bounce rate of your site (2) it help you to get higher page rank. (clear-cut)?

Word Count

This depends on the type of post you are writing about, but I must tell you that no search engine will give good regard to post below 400 words, its even look like ordinary “notification content” in front of your readers, you must know how to increase short-posts to count more than 500 words, or if you know the post you are writing is not up to a blog post, don’t try to make it one, to be down-to-earth: “the standard blog post must be 500+”.


Punctuation is very imperative in writing, it is used to remove uncertainty of meaning from a sentence, and help readers to understand any statement well punctuated more better, few examples are comma, full stop, question mark, bracket, and many others,

Uses of Keyword

Keywords refers to the number of times people enter a specific keyword on the search engines, knowing the idea of what most people will type to search engine and optimize it in your post can fetch you thrice traffic with half effort, these keywords change with time, using Google Keywords tools and other keyword research tools will help you to know the proper usage of keyword more better.


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