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Google Chrome has become one of the Best Browser around the world, I personally really enjoy using Google Chrome, there are many features you can enjoy with it to make your browsing  more interesting, just to mention few, the incognito window which lets you log in to different (mail) accounts, open faster, you can Save Any Web Page as PDF, you can enjoy many more extensions, all these features make me choose Google Chrome out from his challenger (Firefox). One of the major features i love using Google Chrome is the availability of many extension one can use for the browser,and it has been a major consideration some people consider in Choosing Google Chrome Between other Browsers.

 Introduction to Extensions

A browser extensions are computer programs that  boost the functionality of  browser in with better performance depending  on the browser and the version.extension can lets you do many more with your browsers, it can protect, support, modify, your browser.

 Google Chrome extension by kulhead

Gmail Offline

Have you ever read, reply, searched or archived  your mail without internet connection?? This app is created to maintain offline access to your mail account, it lets you to read, reply without any internet connection, it makes email checking and writing more simpler than it is in the Gmail Web-based UI. it is easy to use even your grandma can operate it,  though its is programmed to synchronize messages and setup actions anytime Chrome Browser is running with available internet connection, it provide fast response with a pure email focused experience, Now you can feel free to read your messages without your browser making noise to your head that you are using slow connection and you should load basic HTML. After installing it, open a new tab in Chrome; in the new tab pane you will see a Gmail offline icon, click on the icon and offline Gmail will load.

 Mail Control

This extensions also work pretty well on Google Chrome, it has many features such as desktop notification when you get new mail, displays the number of unread messages, simple launcher, show full mail preview, , switching between the Desktop and Offline Gmail and compose mail, E mail this page and accept many language settings.its is nice checker you may consider to check out.


This Chrome extension is useful for businessman who send multiple messages or reply to multiple mails, Have you send messages to some mails and you want them to know you've received their mails, or you have found to have forced to repeat the same message everyday maybe to your customers or whatever then you gonna have to try GmailWiz Extension, after install this extension to your Google chrome it will add a thumbs-up Like Button to the right of Gmail's reply button, and wand icon also added just above it in the row with the print and open in new window buttons, click on the wand to to to GmailWiz settings. Note that you may not see this button when viewing your inbox but it shows up only when you are reading an e-mail messages
in settings you may want to choose to enable any of the four available instant-reply buttons, these are Like, Too Long, didn't read (TL;DR), Task Done, Lets Discuss and Got it, each of these buttons comes with default response but you can change it you'd like, also you can choose whether these instant replies will go to only the sender or everyone on the thread.

IP Address

Well OK! you are most like me who always like to change IP address and love to look up my current IP? RIGHT? and you always  IP address look up website to do it? YES? just as i guessed, but what u say to when when you can look up you IP with just a single click or allow me to say with your Google extensions! did you just said COOL! ummmh, that is the power you have if you try to install IP address extension to your Google Chrome, enjoy 99% accuracy,  country name with flag icon included, name of Provider who purchased your IP address, this is most useful to those who use Premium VPN Proxy Connection to connect to site that are country restricted.

Dislike Button

You may have always been wondering how you could dislike something rather than ignore it,  especially if you see comments or similar posts that you dislike, this extension is handy when you have it right there whenever you need it!, you dont like a comments or post, dislike it right here with your Google Chrome extension,  it is easy to use and will help you when posting and sharing. although you may experience some difficulties after or when adding it, but i bet its worth a trial.

To use any Google Chrome Extension of course you know you have to download Google Chrome First

Of course, you don't expect me to list all the extensions you can use for your Browser there are many extensions you can choose to use with Google Chrome or other Browser but Google Chrome has the maximum and easy to install extension and those extensions works pretty good on Google Chrome than any other Browser. you can check out more amazing extensions in Google Chrome Extension Web Store.

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