How to Prolong your Laptop Battery Life

I have experienced a litany of problems  with a laptop of mine over the past several years, including replacing a bad battery. I' ve encountered difficulties in finding part, a dead laptop battery can be disastrous for a traveling users but that's what AC chargers are for, right? But what if the users reports the battery wont hold a charge anymore? the obvious answer is to buy a new battery.

Users complaints are minimal when new laptop is rolled out, they got to enjoy the benefit of using laptop without the availability of light, but as times goes, users discovers that their laptops battery don't last longer as its used to be, then you hear some complaints like "oh gosh my laptop battery cant hold power longer", "someone have changed my battery I gotta buy a new one", I dont know how many battery you gonna buy if you dont understand and implement tips on how to keep your battery life much longer.
I believe if this tips is followed and implement properly you will start to enjoy your battery more than you ever was.

Don't Overcharge

It has become an habits  of some laptop users, even the pros, when operating their laptop, they will intentionally forget the charger until they are done with what they are doing, even if the battery is fully charged!, believe me I have seen many users using and plugging in charger for over 10 hours without removing the charger, (some may even disagree with me on this, maybe that's what keeps you replacing battery every year) laptop battery is just like any other chargeable cell, when you overcharged them they are soon as you see battery low alert, wait here am not saying you should keep removing & plugin your charger every moment, be wise!

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Dont "sleep, hibernate"

Some users like to put their laptop into sleep mode, while they can hibernate, the first difference between hibernating and sleep mode is just the battery consumption, if you love to put your laptop into sleep mode I can tell you, you are killing the battery, I will suggest you use the hibernating mode. because when you put your laptop in sleep mode, take it as when you asleep and all your body systems is still working, means you can breathe, talk, and think as well as your PC does, but when in Hibernate mode is just like when you are fainted, all your body systems stop working.

Avoid Unnecessary removal

Unnecessary removal of battery can not only short the battery life but also contributes to damaging the computer itself, some users get pissed off and remove their battery unnecessarily when their laptops slow down or shut down slowly, is it the battery that's causing your PC to slow-down? if you have being involved in this short killing  I urged you to put an end to it before is too late.

Never Short Circuit

Sure, as you well known that short circuit your laptops battery can damage it, if you notice you battery is not charging, or not connecting, try to give it to technicians and not trying to do fix it on your own, I fell into victims of this most with my friends laptop, I don't only spoil the battery but damage the laptop itself, take this as lesson and heed instruction.

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Another CRAZY habits most users do is when they know their battery is low, instead of hibernating to save their session or shut down the laptop, you will then see them still operating the PC, i said to many of them several times, "believe me you are not helping your battery life, you are destroying it", basically as you continue using your battery, you don't expect it to get newer! do you? everything has its dead end, but not very soon.

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This post is posted by thundey harwalll, with help from TechRepublic if you have other tips, i will also love to hear'em, feel free to post your comments.


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