5 Reasons I Love Your Blog

Right before I started blogging I had loved to read blog posts regularly, accumulating information all around, commenting, making fun and many stuffs like that, and in the process of reading those blogs I noticed that i get carried away at some particular blogs and stay as much as I don't wanted to, I don't understand it then, since am not a blogger and i don't know what it takes to be one, but when i started blogging, (of course) i increase my blog reading attitude and i experienced the same things as before (when am not blogging) the only difference is that i understand why i love some blogs and hate some, wait here! this is not about blog discrimination  or whatsoever you may wish to call it and am not claiming i have the best blog in the world (definitely not). I see this as a way of letting all bloggers out there including me know what our readers are looking for in all our blog posts, and if you are guilty in any of the listed below, instead of hating me or my blog i suggest you try to make corrections to your blog.

No Superfluous Ads

I really feel happy and relaxing when i open your blog and found out you are not running many ads on your blog, you kept your ads to a very minimal level, you are not one of those gluttonous blogger who run many ads on their blog,  it is reasonable and every one know you got to make money with your blog, but have it in mind that is not your ads that drive traffic to your blog it is your main post that does, why do you have to run half dozen of ads on a single blog?

Barely or No Popups

"Cool Blog" I say when I open your blog, read your posts and close easily without  having problems or spend my precious time closing your popups, i was not welcomed by your popups that require me to like your page nor leaving because your popups want me to subscribe to your posts, sometimes i always close those blogs that upset me with many popups without even read what they had to offer, if i'd love to like your page i will do that voluntarily you are not supposed to disturb me with your fucking popups!

You Opened and Identified

Even if I don't meet you personally or see face to face, I still feel that we are connected someway, I see your profile everyday i visit your blogs, you introduce yourself to all your readers, your readers can connect, contact, and join you, you are not anonymous blogger or look like a "ghost" whatsoever to your readers, this is internet and i know you had to keep your privacy but a little bit info or pic of you on your blog will do it.

Good Quality Design
Wait here are you a designer or a blogger, you are much designer than a real blogger you are, everything are in their order of colour including your post title, blog title, the sidebar contents are well arranged, no what we revers to as "colour riots" you are indeed a great designer oh...blog designer!

No Slow Connectivity

Well Kudos I did not experience any kind of slow connection when it comes to your, you don't put unnecessary  java-scripts or those heavy video, flash to your site, even with my low local connection i still stay much on your page, navigate through your page easily and read everything i dont intend to read.

All these are the reasons i love your blog and want you to keep it up!

To all my fellow bloggers out there i believe some may see this as a way of blog discrimination or sorta but i view this as a way of enlighten each other and know what our want most, once again am not Mr.Right here there are many things i listed above that my blogs too lack, and of course this is internet everyone has the right to tell his/her point of view, if you love or hate anything about my blog too kindly drop them in the comment box below or tell me personally.


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