Add Past Updates to Your Facebook Timeline

 There are many reasons you might want to add update to a special particular date, you might be busy on internet or internet is not available that day to update your post
maybe it maybe your last birthday party picture or any related post or events and you want your update to be at that particular, special date.
follow this simple guide to: add update from past date to your timeline
  • log in to  you facebook account
  • click on you profile i.e your name
  • On your left-hand side, where you see more recent updates , move mouse over the vertical line that appears next to each update.
  • When you see the plus sign,
  • hold and click
  • select  from status, photos, place, life events

  • choose the period of  time you prefer for the update
  • when you finish click post
i believe you will find this post interesting as you can do many changes with you photos, location of your activities even if you dont do it at the time they were happened......

did you like this Facebook features?? or you dont understand it and create confusion in your mind to update status from the past??
or you have other comments???
feel free to share your comments and ideas.....lets learn from each other


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